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Gholamali Soleimani

Mr. Gholamali Soleimani was born in 1946 in the northern Iranian city of Amol. He studied Mathematics in Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran during which he started his small business. This began with production and distribution of hamburgers in a small workshop and was the base of his success in the meat products business followed by equal success in the dairy industry and many other food production fields.

Since then, Mr. Soleimani has established a new production plant almost every year and his Holding, Solico Group, presently consists of more than 30 companies. Based on his vast local market experience, special consideration has been given to vertical integration for the business expansion. Also implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning by means of SAP has been introduced to ensure further efficiency in the huge supply chain. Tehran Meat Products Co., established in 1977 with a daily production of 192 hamburger patties, is now grown to a producer of over 100 tonnes per day of various meat products.