A Brief History of Solico Group Companies

To create and improve health using a perfect and healthy cycle of different dairy, meat, ice cream, and beverage products has long been a real concern in our country. Solico Group as one of the largest and best-known producers of food products has tried to follow this difficult path and provide the best quality products for the people.

Mr. GholamAli Soleimani, the founder, owner and manager of this group began his work in small scale in 1973 and gradually developed these factories to make the Solico Group what it is today. He is a graduate of Shahid Beheshti and after facing many difficulties at last in 1977, he officially began his work in the line of distribution of meat products. In fact, this can be considered as the first phase of the formation of the Solico Group.

Small Beginning For A Great Success

One of the first efforts of the founder of Solico Group to create this huge complex was establishing a hamburger production workshop in 1978 in the basement of the building that holds its current office.

It is because of his strong motivation and tireless efforts that the production increased and the Solico group began its work. Considering further developments and growths of the company, its location was later on moved to Ahmadabad Mostofi and the volume of production increased. The first products in the company included hamburgers, sausages (German and cocktails) and cold cuts (Lunchmeats) while the main production activities focused on the production of hamburgers.

With the growth of demand for meat products in 1983, The Amol Meat Products Company was founded in the city of Amol, with a capacity of two thousand tons of products per year. With the goal of producing top quality products on international level and keeping up the high quality, it managed to achieve increasing popularity and trust among the consumers and health inspection authorities. It has been so that its products have been greatly received both in Iran and in other countries in the region.

Expansion And Diversification Of Production Cycle

The founder of the group has long had a progressive view with regards to functions and activities of the Solico Group in 1991 the Kalleh Amol Dairy Products Company was established in order to supply part of the needs for dairy products in the Amol city. This company aimed at producing a various range of dairy products with the highest quality and with the help of modern machinery and technical knowledge. The success of the company is such that today some of its products are strong competitors for their foreign equals. Kalleh Dairy Products Company began its work with five different lines of products, pasteurized products, UHT products, cheeses, ice creams, and sauces.

In 2006, the ice-cream sector of the company became an independent facility and formed a separate company named Aris, now one of the companies of the Solico Group. In 2011, the company began producing ice-cream products in Baharan Gol facility in Kordan area of Karaj city and thereby the ice-cream product range of the company was expanded, it now includes a variety of ice cream products with brand names such as Kalleh, Espitaman, Brimond, Jeeto and others produced in Aris and Baharan Gol Company.

In One Word: Development

In order to add sauces to the various products of the company in 2005 the Kuchin Company was founded and in fact, it became independent of the Kalleh Company in sauce production. Today this company works under two brands of Kalleh and Kuchin. The variety of sauces produced in this company is one of the distinctive characteristics of Kuchin Company that attracts many consumers every day.

In 2009, Iran Bartar Company started its working on production of non-alcoholic beer and thus opened a new horizon for producing a variety of beverages in Solico Group. The company's factory is located near the city of Shahriar. The company was renamed in 2013 to Castle Noosh; it produces beverages under brand names such as Castle, Shams, and Fruzz. None-alcoholic Beer in different flavors, sweet malt-Cola, carbonated fruit juice and other similar drinks are among the company's products.

In 2013, Kalleh dairy production plant near Shahriar began providing milk products in plastic containers and developing a variety of products for future as well.

Changes In The Path Of Solico Products

With the expansion of the number of products and the market for Solico Group a significant change was made in the distribution sector of the company, a network system was developed for distribution of the products, and now it can send its products to 31 different parts of the country. This part of the company was founded in 2011 and with the establishment of the Banychav Company that helped provide professional distribution services in the country and played a leading role in the activities of the group. As of now, nearly 3000 staff members are active in the Banychav Company all over the country.

Stepping Beyond Iranian Borders

Now, after four decades of presence in the food industry, the Solico Group has around 15,000 active workers throughout the country and God willing, still has plans for the systematic advancement and expansion to export food products in the region and the world. Also at the moment, the Solico group exports a range of its products to other countries as well especially to Iraq.

Path To Development

The most important goals of Solico Group for now are the proper training of all personnel under the supervision of experienced and outstanding managers as well as changing the management methods in order to coordinate the company's sub-group facilities and limit the number of branching companies.