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Jewels of The Muslim world Award 2015

The Award was honoured by OIC Today Magazine as an endeavour to mark excellence, innovation and accomplishments of individuals towards elevating the Global Islamic Economy. The Jewels of Muslim World Award symbolises the recipients as Movers & Shakers of the Islamic Economies that have created wealth and assets through their talents and contribution of their efforts.

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What We Do

Solico Group is a multinational food company. It produces, trades, distributes and sells food in more than 10 countries. Dairy products, ice cream, ready-meal, beverages and snacks are offered by the group in retail and food service sectors.
Group global HQ is located in UAE with regional HQs and offices in Tehran, Erbil, Baghdad, Frankfort, Los-Angeles, Izmir and Kabul.

Our aim is to introduce premier quality products and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

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Our Business

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain


High-quality and proper production requires suitable raw material that is up to international standards. Therefore, given the diversity of the products, they are classified in five different categories; the largest of these groups is milk. The raw material required for these five categories is provided from nine different regions in the country.


One of the most important points after the acquirement of raw material is transportation of these materials to warehouses around the country as well as to the manufacturing sectors. They need modern and efficient trucks for transportation, which should be loaded quickly and delivered in the shortest time possible to the subsidiary manufacturing facilities of the Solico Company across the country to maintain their high quality.


Gholamali Soleimani

Mr. Gholamali Soleimani was born in 1946 in the northern Iranian city of Amol. He studied Mathematics in Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran during which he started his small business. This began with production and distribution of hamburgers in a small workshop and was the base of his success in the meat products business followed by equal success in the dairy industry and many other food production fields.




Start of business


Dairy factory established


Beverage factory established


Capillary distribution network


ERP implementation (TAMIZ project)