Supply Chain


High-quality and proper production requires suitable raw material that is up to international standards. Therefore, given the diversity of the products, they are classified in five different categories; the largest of these groups is milk. The raw material required for these five categories is provided from nine different regions in the country. The second stage is providing the material and necessities that include sugar, cooking oil, cocoa powder, stabilizer, and preservatives.

 The items related to packaging and printing are the third group, which includes paper, nylon, IML containers, and ice-cream containers. The forth category is related to none-production equipment including machinery, technical requirements, facilities and administrative equipment. The fifth category is related to acquiring meat products from ranchers, slaughterhouses, and importers and is one of the most important parts of the meat supply chain.


One of the most important points after the acquirement of raw material is transportation of these materials to warehouses around the country as well as to the manufacturing sectors. They need modern and efficient trucks for transportation, which should be loaded quickly and delivered in the shortest time possible to the subsidiary manufacturing facilities of the Solico Company across the country to maintain their high quality.

Product Design

One of the most important steps in production is good design. The designing stage is finished with the mutual efforts of the technical team of production and a design studio. The output of this consultation is a three-dimensional image of the product and the printing on the packaging that is send for production after final approval. In addition to this advertising strategies and the launching of the product in the market is also discussed.


After delivering the raw material, finishing the designing stage and other stages the next stage is to produce the final product. The Complex process of production in modern and up to date factories of Solico Group begins here and the production happens under close monitoring for quality control, and many other important delicate considerations after which it is ready to be sent to the market.

Maintenance And Storage

Once the products are ready in the many branches of the company around the country, more than 50 warehouses, and distribution centers that are equipped with the state of the art modern and specialized facilities receive the products in order to prepare them to be shipped to the market.

Distribution System

A subsidiary facility of the Solico Group Companies is especially dedicated to product distribution processes around the country and even to the United Arabic Emirates and Iraq. This facility owns more than 2,000 trucks and 3,000 staff members and responds to more than 1 million orders per month. These orders amount to 1250 tons.

Product Lunching And Marketing

At the end of the production chain, once the product is ready to be sent to the market, stands the sales and marketing stage. This part is classified into three types of outlets: first, are the chain stores such as the Hypermarket, Kourosh chain store, Shahrvand Stores and the like; second are smaller outlets such as local retailers; and third are the corporate sales to private or governmental organizations that put orders for bulk purchases.



 The BonnyChaw Tehran Company was first registered as a B2B company. BonnyChaw Company began its activities in the field of food services by providing raw material for businesses that require the material for food production. Over time, their activities in this area developed and they became one of the suppliers for the biggest regional companies. The company has branches in eight different regions of the country. Over the years and with the increase in the number of its regional warehouses around the country, these eight branches formed a complex group called "BonnyChaw Iranians.”
Once the activities became specialized, the key responsibility of providing the supply chain was left to the BonnyChaw. In other words, when the nature of the work became more and more specialized the formation of a supply chain became a main responsibility to BonnyChaw and the collection of activities related to sales was allocated to another sector.

 Today BonnyChaw is responsible for receiving the products, distribution of products, collection of funds obtained from sales and delivering those funds to the company. Today BonnyChaw owns distribution centers in more than 50 areas of the country and more than 1,200 distribution vehicles delivering the material. All these activities are possible in partnership with over 3,000 dedicated and skilled workers. It should also be noted that the activities of this complex company result in more than a million and two hundred thousand invoices issued monthly (a daily average of 40 thousand.)

Due to the large volume of goods and material that need to be transported and distributed, primary and secondary storage and warehouses are prepared which are located in more than 50 areas of the country. A large volume of goods is transported via trucks from the factory to these main areas, sorted out and finally, transported to warehouses in a less than 6 hours distance from the main warehouse to be eventually passed on in the delivery network. These facilities need to keep an inventory, but there are other places that are a maximum of 3 hours away from the main center, and are supplied on demand. In these places inventory is almost zero.

 One of the most important issues to be considered in the supply chain is that the product needs to be fresh. Something that should receive special attention, the low sales volumes, and the distance are two main reasons that cause a concern when a fresh product or material is to be sent to certain areas of the country. To solve this issue, "BonnyChaw" implemented a chain of processes that distributed the material and products to on a daily basis so that the consumers always receive the latest fresh products. In this manner, all SKU's available and produced are equally delivered in all parts of Iran.

Distribution Activities

  • Foreseeing the volume of products for periods of 18 months ahead, 14 days and 48 hours to prepare for the necessary planning and carry out the relevant measures based on the existing needs of the market. (Supply and demand chain planning)
  • Sending the schedules and plans prepared for the production facilities in order to take measures expected of the unit
  • Receiving and providing transport for the products
  • Delivering the products to shopping centers
  • Taking the necessary measures to deliver the products to smaller businesses
  • Balancing the financial deals with the retailers and delivering the sales revenues to the companies

According to the information available, the BonnyChaw Group delivers about 1,350 tons of products every day and has a wholesale distribution of more than 6 billion dollars on a daily basis.

The BonnyChaw Group provides distribution services in a greater number of days per year as compared to other distribution companies and thus stands ahead of many similar companies. The BonnyChaw group is active more than 315 workdays per year, which is a record in itself.

SevenTen Chain Stores

The Solico Group products and its subsidiaries amount to more than 1,800 different product lines and the complete and correct supply and distribution of these products, so that the customers would have access to all or at least the largest product ranges has long been the group’s main concern. That is why the SevenTen chain stores began using their potential to give customers access to all product categories available.



Food Service Unit

Food service units are the facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies that need their major food requirements delivered to them in a standard fashion and in the shortest time possible. These are the facilities that are directly connected to our food services sector and this part of our group provides the necessary material for the businesses that are related to food market, this unit identifies their needs and shortcomings, responds, and provides for them in a timely fashion.

Pol Company, The Logistic Support

Different lines of raw material obtained from suppliers or importers from different regions of the country are collected in the warehouses and need proper transport to our production facilities. This important task is the responsibility of the Pol Company, a transportation unit that loads and transports the material in highest standard and sterilized environment to keep the materials’ fresh quality.

Information Technology Unit

With nearly 200 staff across the country, this unit is responsible for providing information technology equipment, maintenance, and support of all hardware devices in the Solico Group. This unit is active in all areas related to information technology and with a professional presence monitors all IT activities in the company.

Design Studio

A center for all the activities related to product design, graphic design, and advertising, and in general all that is needed in the field of visual creativity for a product. This is considered a very critical and important unit in the Solico Group. Therefore, about 5 years ago a separate and specialized "design studio” was established in the Solico Group with the aim of concentrating the specialized visual and creative activities. The center currently has more than 60 skilled technical experts helping the Solico Group.

Bonny Chaw Restaurant

Food service units are the facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies that need their major food requirements delivered to them in a standard fashion and in the shortest time possible. These are the facilities that are directly connected to our food services sector and this part of our group provides the necessary material for the businesses that are related to food market, this unit identifies their needs and shortcomings, responds, and provides for them in a timely fashion.