Providing people with choice and variety through high quality food, while supporting innovation and employment.



Creating Global Brands

The Solico Group companies aim for creating a strong and cohesive group that is based on strong and knowledge-based infrastructure, using elite and skilled work force as well as the best hardware in the world, to make this Iranian brand renowned to the world. We believe that the Solico Group companies do have the ability to compete with the top companies of this field in the world.

Dominating MENA And CIS Markets

The Solico Group has based its business strategies based on being the "first and the best in the regions of the CIS and MENA». We believe that the planned activities and the use of human resources with their unique expertise give us the ability to be the best in this field.

Improving Iranians“ Life Standards

One of the missions of the Solico Group is to improve the quality of life for Iranians. We believe that higher quality products and the export of these products may cause a currency flow in the country helping the economic cycle and improving the quality of life for our citizens.

Tackling The Problem Of “Brain Drain„

One of the most important approaches at the Solico Group is preparing grounds for the science elite of the country and their areas of activity. Because we believe that, the young generation of Iran has an enormous potential, a treasure that must be preserved and developed with providing needed ground for it to blossom.

Becoming A Sustainable Enterprise

In the Solico Group we believe that having skilled workers and hardware infrastructures on the one hand and well defined international strategies on the other gives us the ability to always stand as the best and the first. This belief is based on the existing and hidden potentials in this group that are now more accessible than ever and make this a reliable group of companies.