As one of the leading companies in the food manufacturing field, Solico Group industries continuously welcomes working with specialists and talented people in various fields throughout the country and attempts to take advantage of such potential.

Overall we at Solico have strong beliefs that will correctly guide us and is as follows:

The Youth Approach

 Taking advantage of young and efficient forces has always been one of our main concerns. That is why we put all our efforts in transferring knowledge from our experienced people to our young forces so at the right time and near future they can accept and execute given responsibilities.
We believe that transferring the experience of our professionals to the youth can expedite the use of our young people and using such forces is believed now more than ever.

Preventing Brain Drain

 We believe that cooperation with the bests of Islamic Republic requires an appropriate and dynamic platform, therefore creating a platform where we can cooperate with talented and local elites and experts has been one of the agendas of our group. The formation of such platforms in the past, has provided attendance, long-term partnerships with a large number of elite graduates of the most prestigious domestic universities within the country and lead the grounds for their presence in the country. We have always believed and committed ourselves to the development of such infrastructure and space.

Contributing To Personal Progress

 We believe that the growth of our group depends on the growth of each individual engaged in the group. That's why we have available all the necessary fields and courses for personal growth and improvement, and utilize in-service training, to better serve our partners. We always believe that contributing to the growth of each individual partner ultimately leads to a higher set of quality of service.

Growth Of Our Personnel, Using The Knowledge Of Foreign Experts

 Solico Group according to the means at its disposal, is always open to collaboration with colleagues from different countries, and with their operational and managerial knowledge, they can set a good educational and organizational example for us. We believe that the growth of our people using the knowledge of foreign specialists can continuously enhance the quality of our people as an individual and our group as a whole.

Help To Learn In Practice For Graduate Professionals

 Solico Group has always accepted university graduates with open arms and has provided a good learning environment for them. The most important concern of these people is to gain experience in different sectors at Solico Group. We believe that despite these peoples little experience they are eager to do individual projects and organization assignments to gain more experience and grow, and the group also will benefit from their potential and energy within.

If you're interested in working with Solico group and deem yourself eligible to work with us, please send us your request via the form below. We look forward to working with you.